Aplysia Transcriptome Assembly

This website for this Aplysia transcriptome was developed by the Institute for Genome Sciences at the University of Maryland, Baltimore.

This assembly was produced based on Illumina RNAseq of Aplysia mRNA from CNS and peripheral tissues using the Trinity assembler.

The improvements of the 2014 CNS assembly compared with a pilot transcriptome are illustrated in the figure below.

Transcriptome annotation will be initiated in January 2015.

These transcriptome assemblies have not yet gone through NCBI contamination screens and could contain vector or other contamination.

The sequencing was supported by grants from NSF and NIMH, and the data analysis and website are supported by an EAGER grant from NSF.


Current state of transcriptome assembly
Current IGS transcriptome assembly
Recommended approach to searching Aplysia transcriptome
Pilot IGS assemblies
Early BROAD assemblies

Progress in CNS transcriptome assembly

Progress in CNS transcriptome assembly

For any questions or feedback please email Aplysia.RNAseq@gmail.com